farewell, thou are too dear for my possessing

        An unplanned encounter of Light with the Dark
        [before swart Plutonian night swooped to swallow]
        was known in times past to produce a wee spark
        on the supernal chariot wheels of Apollo.
        But, of course, Light ‘n Dark could never get far  
        [water douses all heat; heat will make water boil]
        It’s a question, quite simply, of who they both are
        [their pleasures are  brief and are destined to  spoil]    
        It’s plainer than pansies – it just wouldn’t do –
        should either attempt some supreme sacrifice
        The sky would go ashen or other dull hue –
        All would be fire – or all would be ice
                  Still, once in a blue moon they waltz in the wings
                  and get up to all sorts of…hmm…sweet naughty things.




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