All gods are  idols, whatever the size or setting
    be they of gold or simply the plaster kind
    or more important,  by concepts –  language abetting –
    idols that loom in the over-armed monkey’s mind.
    When you teach a man to bow low to a dog-headed rock  
    or treat stone figures as if they could possible feel
    or care what befalls the shepherd and all of his flock
    then it won’t be long ’til the same man is willing to kneel    
    and pray to a thing he can’t even see or touch –  
    buy a pig a poke…or a cat in a shopping bag –
    and surely it won’t take all that flaming much
   ’til he prostrates himself before bankers waving a flag.  
            You believe in Jesus ? Well I got the word from The Jew –
            The  Kingdom is closer than that:  it’s deep within YOU




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