Return of the Grey Sweater

    How many are hunting & striving to find their place –
     racoons in scrimmage beneath parkway’s overpass
     as well as possibly half of the human race…
     and would you believe my sweater is in this class ?  
     Sustains itself on doorknobs and lamps in its search –
     travel buff with more than a case of jet lag;
     kitchen chair served well for awhile as perch
     then, somehow, it wound up on top of the laundry bag !
     But if I washed it, I fear it might even crumble;
     it’s threadbare now – and, ahem,  strategically so!  
     I know it can’t take a soak much less any tumble;
     should have morphed into a dustcloth ages ago –
         but I so admire how much it is like myself,
         resisting each cupboard and drawer, closet and shelf.




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